iPhone App: pTerm

pTerm At long last a Terminal application is available on the iPhone, and pTerm is its name! Based on the desktop client PuTTY, you can SSH, Telnet, and raw TCP from your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Its features are:

  • xterm terminal emulation
  • Standard 80×24 screen
  • SSH, Telnet, or “raw” TCP connections
  • Ctrl key support
  • Landscape and Portrait modes
  • Works over Edge, 3G, or WiFi
  • Stores your list of host/port/protocol for convenient access
  • Terminal supports pinch and zoom
  • Based on PuTTY, a stable and feature-rich code base

All in all, the app seems pretty solid. My only gripe is the lack of a tab key for tab completion. Now I’ll be able to debug stuff remotely WITHOUT using VNCLite for the iPhone. Check pTerm out, it is well worth the $4.99.

There are some more things that I find annoying:

  • No tab key – no tab completion…
  • No arrow keys – this makes navigating around a line a little bit of a pain.
  • You can’t hide the keyboard. It’d be nice to see a full screen of top.
  • No color customization

Despite the annoyances, the app is still pretty solid. Lets just hope new versions come out sooner than later with some of my hopes and dreams attached.