iPhone App: pTerm

pTerm At long last a Terminal application is available on the iPhone, and pTerm is its name! Based on the desktop client PuTTY, you can SSH, Telnet, and raw TCP from your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Its features are:

  • xterm terminal emulation
  • Standard 80×24 screen
  • SSH, Telnet, or “raw” TCP connections
  • Ctrl key support
  • Landscape and Portrait modes
  • Works over Edge, 3G, or WiFi
  • Stores your list of host/port/protocol for convenient access
  • Terminal supports pinch and zoom
  • Based on PuTTY, a stable and feature-rich code base

All in all, the app seems pretty solid. My only gripe is the lack of a tab key for tab completion. Now I’ll be able to debug stuff remotely WITHOUT using VNCLite for the iPhone. Check pTerm out, it is well worth the $4.99.

There are some more things that I find annoying:

  • No tab key – no tab completion…
  • No arrow keys – this makes navigating around a line a little bit of a pain.
  • You can’t hide the keyboard. It’d be nice to see a full screen of top.
  • No color customization

Despite the annoyances, the app is still pretty solid. Lets just hope new versions come out sooner than later with some of my hopes and dreams attached.


ASCII Star Wars

SW ASCII I’ve never seen this…perhaps I’m a little late. Fine. I’m about a decade too late. Star Wars Episode IV done in complete animated ASCII art. Very cool. Being such a huge Star Wars fan, I’m unsure how this escaped my radar completely but it did until my co-worker Jon received a sweet e-mail telling how to access it which he graciously forwarded to me. w00t!


– Open a telnet window (a windows Command Prompt would do fine)

– type: telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

– watch and enjoy :)

For more sweet Star Wars video action, you should check out the video a bunch of us at work thought of and created: Watto Pr0n!