Yahoo Acquires Zimbra

Zimbra Today, Zimbra announced today that they have been acquired by Yahoo! for $350 million. Zimbra was bound to be acquired by someone and the acquisition by Yahoo! wasn’t an overly surprising move as it has had a tendency to pick up Web 2.0 and Ajax Web Apps over the past few years. It will be great to see where Zimbra (which is an amazing application) goes with the resources that Yahoo! brings to the table.

This purchase is interesting seeing how Plymouth State University, my place of employment, just finished an implementation this summer. With such a large organization backing Zimbra now, it will be interesting how licensing will change over the years. We can always hope that the changes will be minimal…but as always, change is inevitable.

Regardless, the two companies in bed together isn’t too scary of a thought and I look forward to seeing things unfold!