Web Expressions – Assignment 1

Alright People. I’m stealing some ideas from one of my friends – Zach Tirrell – on how I’ll be using the blog for this course.

For each class I will provide an outline of the topics I plan to cover. Hopefully we’ll touch on each of these as well as any side topics that might arise.

  • What Course is this? :)
  • Discuss the Syllabus.
  • What are Blogs?
  • How will we integrate them into our course?
  • Your first assignment is to read this essay on the creative process. Yeah, its kind of a long read and the way it is written is a little odd (there are things repeated multiple times in the same paragraph…which is kind of annoying). Despite all of that it has some good points.

    After reading, answer these questions and bring them to class on Friday. We will discuss this article there and I will be asking a few people to tell me their answers. ;)

    Here are the questions:

    • When are you the most creative?
    • What are the necessary conditions for creativity?