Office Pranks Get International Press

Shortly after the massive prank fest I had on a few of my co-workers, World Entertainment News Network contacted me for high-resolution images and further information. I, of course, responded with a few tid-bits and a link back to my blog so they could get the full story on the matter. A week later images from the pranks appeared on WENN in their image section with no link to my blog after asking for such a link.

Somewhat frustrated with that, I contacted the reporter at WENN hoping for an answer regarding the link back to my story and received the following:

The caption that goes on our site is just to entice the publications. When they express an interest in the feature we give them other details, of which I have included the link that you mention. However, I can not promise that they will use it as their own journalists will write the feature from the information that I have given them. Many times in the past I have requested certain credits/websites be included and the publication say that they will and then they don’t!! I can put an extra request in asking them to but I can not guarantee. From their point of view their text is written as a story and often putting info such as blog links etc does not really fit in with their style – particularly the newspapers – magazines are more flexible with their style.

I thought about it a moment then responded asking her to add the extra request regarding my blog being placed in print, but all in all, I shrugged it off thinking that it’d go nowhere.

I was wrong. Check it out:

Pranks Go International

One of my wife‘s friends from Liverpool, England sent Abby an e-mail today with a scan marking my entry into international press! w00t! Although some of the information is slightly off and the quote of the co-worker never happened, the newspaper article – while it didn’t cite my blog – is pretty funny and it’s great to get a scan.

Here’s the article’s text:

JOKER Matt Batchelder had the last laugh after he was left out of an office conference trip.

Alone at his desk for a week, the snubbed computer geek dreamed up a series of pranks to greet his boss and three colleagues as they returned… on April Fool’s Day.

First he “ovenwrapped” all the chairs in 1,100 sq ft of tin foil.

He also plastered 5,300 post-it notes over every available work surface. Then he painstakingly arranged 578 plastic cups on the office floor. And finally, he filled the place with 280 balloons.

Married Matt, a whizkid web engineer, was the talk of the campus at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, where he works in the admin department.

An insider said: “We don’t know if his bosses saw the funny side – or if he’s been fired.”