Multimedia – Video (w/ Lab)

Check out the Music Video I made! Whee. I will be taking autographs later.

As many of you may already know, myPlymouth and WebCT is down (and has been since 3am). This directly effects my duties in IT and will be needed in the office during official class time. However, here are the slides which we will go over next Tuesday (I’ll combine the two days into one). In the mean time, read this: Digital Video for Multimedia Basics.

And I suppose I’ll give you a Video Assignment. w00t! Have fun with this one.

Using the video application of your choice (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Adobe Premiere, etc) create a music video for one of your favorite songs. You will need to find an mp3 of a song from somewhere you can do this a few ways:

  • download it (legally) from iTunes, then download WavePad and open the song that you downloaded and save as .mp3.
  • ‘borrow’ an mp3 from a friend
  • rip one of your own cds

Next, using that song, find pictures and video from elsewhere to match your music, thus creating a sort of Music Video collage-type thing. If you’ve never used video editing software, Windows Movie Maker is super easy to learn. If you get stumped, do some google searches to find the answers you need. (Or e-mail me)

Once you are done…DO NOT turn in the Movie Maker project file…you need to save it as a Movie (.wmv). (obviously, if you are using iTunes, turn in a .mov)

Now…how should you turn it in? Well…Don’t upload it to WebCT. Save it to your M:Drive in your Home folder. (or burn it to a CD) and either send me the link to your video or get the CD to me by next Friday (4/21).