Web Expressions – Lab 5

In this lab we will be using Adobe Photoshop Elements to create and edit images. This lab will consist of 2 parts:

  1. Videos on some basic tools and menus
  2. Assignment for creating two additional images

To Open Photoshop Elements: Click the Start Menu > All Programs > Classes > Web Expressions > Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0

Videos on some basic tools and menus
These videos are from Photoshop Elements User and are hugely more useful than reading step by step instructions on the various tools. They take some time to watch so you may have to watch them throughout lab as well as on your own time (in order to complete the second and third parts). I would urge you to watch a video, then try doing what it is discussing before moving to the next video.

Here are the ones I want you to watch for this lab (you can watch more if you want to learn more cool stuff):

  1. Interface
  2. Layers, Part I
  3. Change Colors
  4. Cookie Cutter
  5. Photo Filter

For videos 2 through 5, make your own image using the techniques explained and save it as a jpg (File > Save As, then select *.jpg from the filetype drop-down list) then post it on your blog.

Additional Images – Image 1
The first image I want you to create from scratch is a banner image for your webpage to go at the top of your website. (an example would be the banner at the top of my blog that has my blog title and my feed).

  1. Click File > New
  2. Set the width to 800pixels (for starters) and the height to 90 pixels.
  3. Fill the background with the color of your choosing (it should match the color scheme of your website)
  4. Add some text…the title of your site, maybe a slogan, etc.
  5. Find an image to accompany the text and put that in your banner image.
  6. Save the image as a *.gif and put it on your website

Additional Images – Image 2
Create a humorous image using certain features available in Photoshop then post it on your blog. On your blog post, list the techniques that you used to create this image: E.g. various filters, smudge tool, clone tool etc. (use at least 5 tools). Be creative :)