Web Expressions – Lab 3 – Website Planning

I was out sick yesterday and am still feeling ill so instead of a lab, I have an assignment for you :)

You will be doing a website for your final project. It can be on any subject that interests you or a made-up subject. Here is the criteria you will need to meet:

As web presences are becoming more and more important to the success of a business, you will need to create a website for yours.
Your website must contain:

  • At least four pages (including your homepage)
  • A central theme that is professional
  • A homepage that describes your services
  • A navigation bar on all pages of your site
  • Product information
  • Links to other sites with similar products

Here is the grading details for the website you’ll be doing this semester:

Points Subject
20 Website Structure
  Site is easy to navigate and is reasonably accessible
  Site meets objectives specified in artist’s note.
  Effectively exhibits various type of media
20 Content
  Scale of work (is it a significant effort)
  Success in achieving objectives
  Initiative and Originality
10 Takes risks by exploring new means of creative expression
10 Shows sophisticated use of technology by applying new techniques
20 Response to Peer-Review
  Effort to address peer-review
  Participation in the peer-review process (as reviewer and/or reviewee)
20 Effective use of tools and file formats
  Appropriate file formats used
  Effective use of file compression

For this lab, think about what you want your website for the semester to be about and make a blog post about what that subject is and why you chose it. This blog post will be due by next week.