Web Expressions Lab

As we are doing more and more peer reviews in class, I see a need for your webpages get further along. I have decided that rather than working with sound this week, we will postpone it until next week (which will give us time to finish our slides). Use today’s lab to work on your sites some more. I will not be in lab, but send all questions you have to me via e-mail and/or prepare them for Friday’s class. Here are the goals for your sites for todays lab:

  1. Make sure your page loads when you click on the links I have provided in ‘Student Blogs and Sites
  2. Have all your pages that you plan to have on your website created. Put content on those pages (even if you don’t have all the content yet)
  3. Link all of your pages together.
  4. Make adjustments to your site based on the peer review we have done in class.
  5. Update your Artist’s Note.