Web Expressions – Blog Spotlights

I was reading over all of your blogs today and came accross one that I think has a very interesting topic that warrants some response and comments. Check out “Russo’s Blog” and her post about “School Life.” Read it, comment on it…get a discussion going. Perhaps use that to fuel a post on your blog as well.

If you are into Football and want some sweet info on the recent Pats game, check out these blogs:

The End Zone
mbegalle’s personal blog

As the semester moves on I will spotlight various people. There are a lot of good blog posts out there, but on occasion I’ll just handpick a couple that catch my eye or just to push people to read others’ blogs. (you see, reading blogs is just as important as posting them!) Try to find a couple that interest you and watch them. Post responses in their comment sections. Post responses in your blog that quote them! Lets get some social networking going :D