Vonage Takes It In The Eye

Some of you may know the problems Vonage has been having with Verizon and being found guilty of violating some patents. Well, via Slashdot I discovered that Vonage has reached a bit of a rocky situation. Slashdot writes:

The latest in Verizon vs. Vonage is in. The judge has basically stopped Vonage from accepting new customers. From the article: ‘A judge issued an injunction Friday that effectively bars Internet phone carrier Vonage from signing up new customers as punishment for infringing on patents held by Verizon. Vonage’s lawyers said the compromise injunction posted by U.S District Judge Hilton is almost as devastating as an injunction that would have affected Vonage’s 2.2 million existing customers.

Of particular note is what the Vonage lawyer, Roger Warin, said:

It’s the difference of cutting off oxygen as opposed to the bullet in the head.

What will this mean for Vonage? Death? More importantly…what does this mean for me…a lowly subscriber?