Transformers Movie Trailer


Lately I’ve noticed increased traffic to my Transformers Teaser Trailer post and became extremely excited. Could this mean another trailer? I spoke with Zach last night and he found it over at Yahoo!

Zach writes:

There seems to be a pretty strong human component to this film which is important to me. Additionally, the trailer indicates a good strong amount of action. This is expected and welcome in a Michael Bay film (see Bad Boys). Finally, I really like how the transformers look. The special effects are spot on.

I find myself convulsing from the sheer excitement I have for this movie. I was a huge Transformers cartoon fan when I was little (remember way back then?) and the toys are still awesome. Causing particular excitement is this (somewhat blurry) shot of Bumblebee…he looks simply awesome:


In the trailer, the lines: “Some have come to save us. Most have come to destroy us.” make me super-giddy. The trailer was ballsy and I’m definitely counting down the days till opening night (July 4th, 2007)!

Note: the Decepticon at the top of the post is Blackout.