Transformers Extended Trailer

An extended Transformers Trailer was released a couple of days ago…2.5 minutes of awesome transforming bliss. Here’s the trailer from YouTube:

The poster of the video on YouTube writes:

New 2.5 minute trailer for the Transformers movie, includes plenty of transforms (including a number of fancy manoeuvres by Starscream), although no TF voices.

This video was converted from a large resolution high-def video file, not from a screen capture which some people have posted. (BTW, feel free to blog/link this anywhere, it’s the best trailer yet).

Gives a little more insight to the storyline, including Earth’s reaction to their arrival, and it appears that Bumblebee is not going to have a particularly easy time of it.

A lot of footage we’ve seen before, but plenty we haven’t. This ain’t no cartoon, kids. Looks like we’re talking Transformers with a body-count and major property damage (not just a few dings in a couple of buildings, or a shootout confined entirely to the desert).

Note the arrival of the protoform Transformers (the “asteroids” crashing to Earth) and the use of the classic transform sound (!!) in Optimus Prime’s transformation.

I like the “it’s probably Japanese” crack.