Star Wars Pronunciations

Star Wars Yeah, I’m a Star Wars fan. I’ve read over 50 Star Wars books, have played the CCG, the RPG – d6 AND d20, I’m a member of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and I do a lot of Star Wars art. As such, I encounter a number of Star Wars-y names/terms in writing that I make assumptions on their pronunciations. Then, days, months, or years later I find out that the actual pronunciation does not match mine and my brain implodes with frustration. In conversations with fellow Star Wars geeks, I find that many of them are wrong as well.

A little while back, I did some searching and found a nice list of Star Wars pronunciations over at Here are a few that may help ease your frustrations:

  1. Asajj Ventress – ah-SAAZJ
  2. A’Sharad Hett – AA-shaa-raad
  3. Borsk Fey’lya – BORSK FAE-lee-yaa
  4. Caamasi – kaa-aa-MAH-see
  5. Corran Horn – KORR-runn
  6. Darth Caedus – KIE-duss (rhymes with “hide us”)
  7. dianoga – die-aa-NOE-gaa
  8. Elegos A’kla – ELL-ehh-goes AA-klaa
  9. eopie – ee-OE-pee
  10. Executor – igg-ZEKK-yoo-tur
  11. Honoghr – HONN-noe-gerr
  12. Ilum – ILL-umm
  13. Jabiim – jaa-BEEM
  14. Jacen Solo – JAE-senn
  15. Jorj Car’das – george CAR-dass
  16. Joruus C’baoth – joe-ROOS suh-BAE-oth
  17. Kir Kanos – KEER KAE-noes
  18. krayt dragon – KRATE
  19. Nar Shaddaa – NAR shah-DAA
  20. Noghri – NOE-gree
  21. Captain Pellaeon – PELL-lay-onn
  22. Tycho Celchu – TIE-koe SELL-choo
  23. Vergere – vur-ZJEER
  24. Prince Xizor – SHEE-zor
  25. Shi’ido – shee-EE-doe
  26. Ssi-ruuk – SEE-rook
  27. Twi’lek – TWEE-lekk
  28. Yevetha – yeh-VEE-thaa
  29. ysalamiri – ee-saal-aa-MEE-ree
  30. Ysanne Isard – ee-SAAN IE-sard
  31. Yuuzhan Vong – YOO-zaan
  32. Zonama Sekot – zoe-NAH-mah SEE-coat

Drawing: Female Yuuzhan Vong Warrior

Female Yuuzhan Vong Warrior

Here’s a drawing of a female Yuuzhan Vong Warrior I did for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood using my Intuos 3 Wacom Tablet (You can click the image for a larger version). She has a very high sloping forehead, complete with tattoos, scarring, and topknot. She is clad in Vonduun Crab armor and wields an amphistaff.