High Resolution YouTube Videos

As reported by Slashdot, YouTube is rolling out high resolution video! Despite the fact that this feature isn’t fully implemented, for those of you that can’t wait – like myself – you can view the high-res versions simply by changing the URL like so:

Change This:


Yup! Just tack on &fmt=6 to the end of the YouTube video URLs and enjoy the high-res goodness.

Cybernet News additionally states:

If the YouTube video just sits there loading then that is a sign that the video has not been converted to the higher resolution yet. To really see the difference you should view the video in full screen mode by clicking the button in the bottom-right corner of the player.

Note: Alternatively you can add &fmt=18 and it will play the high-resolution version when available, otherwise it will play the regular version. Here’s a Greasemonkey script that will automatically add &fmt=18 onto the end of each YouTube URL.

Note: YouTube has millions of videos and this feature isn’t officially released…so it will take some time for the high-res feature to become available on many videos. But…the URL tweak is worth it if it means there is a chance the video is higher quality.

World of Warcraft Satire: The Guild

While browsing YouTube as I typically do when I’m bored in the evenings, I found The Guild. The show focuses on “Codex”, a female WoW addict and her guild’s in and out of game interactions. The star, Felicia Day, is also the writer and has done an amazing job at capturing the varied personalities that you often encounter in an online gaming group.

As a former addict to World of Warcraft, I (and to some degree, my wife) could immediately relate with the characters and had us laughing throughout. The script is quality.

The Guild Logo

Here’s the first episode:

Episode 1

There are currently 3 episodes (with more in the making) and a gag reel. Check them out here:

I just found out from the official The Guild Site that episodes 4 and 5 just gained funding so those should be out at some point soon! w00t! I need to go donate :D

My First Keynote Presentation

After long consideration, I’ve dived into Apple’s iWork Keynote full bore and have compiled this amazing presentation for Keynote to YouTube testing. Enjoy.

The presentation was awe-inspiring, I know. But what I was really doing was testing Keynote’s ease of recording a presentation and sending that data to YouTube. My summary: it’s so freaking easy your dog’s owner could do it? All you do is build your presentation, go to the beginning and click Record Slide Show. Simply talk into the mic, then click stop recording when you are done! All you need to do from there is use Keynote’s SendTo menu to send to YouTube. Authorize Keynote when it asks and BAM…done.

The Zach that I was referring to is my pal from NoSheep and the other voice is Dan from Tall Birch.

WTB Epic Flying Mount For 1 Butt Tattoo

World of Warcraft is permeating our lives and what we do to ourselves. Wow. This guy is truly one crazy dude. Read this quote from this member of the Garithos guild on the server of the same name.

I was about 4000g away from being able to purchase my epic flying mount and riding skill, so I came up with a bright idea to raise the money and save me farming the gold myself (which would’ve taken months with my play schedule).

I proposed to the members of Garithos.com (best website evar imo;) and the Garithos community at large, that if they donated a total of 4k gold, that I would get…

Swallow or its going in your eye

tattooed on my arse.

Needless to say, the coolest bunch of mofos playing WoW, came up with the money, so I came up with the goods.

Wow. Just wow. Here’s the dude’s video:

College Saga

cglogo_markleungcomI stumbled upon College Saga on YouTube that left me laughing. The synopsis is:

Once upon a time, when Earth was still a beautiful place, an evil force came to turn all living things into Vegetarians.

Three students from suburban Massachusetts would step up against this catastrophe… to end Vegetarian Supremacy.

Mark, Jesús, Maria and their foes would make amazing personal discoveries as the two forces clash.

And so began the ultimate saga about friendship, heritage, sex and explosions.

Although the video below is College Saga in its entirety, the production was done in 4 episodes originally. Throughout the episodes, Final Fantasy is most heavily referenced, although Secret of Mana and Zelda (not to mention Star Wars and Napoleon Dynamite) find their way in as well. I must say that the first episode is by far my favorite as it mimics Final Fantasy the most in regards to character movement and text. The later 3 episodes adopt use spoken dialog over text-boxes in many cases which veers from the Final Fantasy theme. Regardless, the video as a whole was quite funny. Have a look-see:

Huxley, MMOFPS

Huxley looks awesome. See for yourself:

Huxley is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) – built on the Unreal 3 Engine – scheduled for release sometime in 2007 (date not yet announced). Its the first of its type and has grabbed my attention both from the backstory, graphics, and game style.

Its got some sweet features:

Huxley delivers the excitement and rich gameplay experience of an MMORPG while combining the knuckle-whitening action of an FPS. Players can communicate with each other in a virtual online city, and participate in side battles with the intuitive PvP (player vs. player) system. Everything a character does in the Huxley world directly affects the success of not only the individual, but also of their race and party; from battles to behaviors, all interactions are linked to the survival of a character’s entire race.

Huxley goes past traditional death match FPS gameplay by challenging players to adapt to new forms of combat to protect the interests of the camp. Servers will be solely dedicated to accommodate millions of users engaged in fast paced, large-scale combat. Players will require strategy and cooperation to achieve victory. Extensive multiplayer battle modes are available each with a variety of unique fighting techniques and special characteristics.

Huxley has advanced A.I. that rivals other online games. Enemies in Huxley demonstrate remarkable intelligence, which can be used to a player’s advantage or demise. Quests in Huxley will take players on paths of intrigue to uncover conspiracies resulting in confrontations. Each quest is continually updated so players feel as though they are enjoying a new story mode every time they play.

The characters in Huxley are continuously growing, which is rare in FPS games. Players are able to enhance their own combat styles by obtaining out-of-this-world weapons and new skills, which in turn continuously challenges players to adopt different gameplay styles as they progress.


As bullet IV mentioned, there is a leveling system and differences between lower and higher level characters which isn’t too common with FPS games. Wikipedia has a better description on the leveling system:

Huxley’s advancement system is actually separated into two. In the early part of the character advancement player system, players can shape their character in the style they like best. After that, players can then add depth to their characters. ‘Experiences’ and ‘Battle points’ are two elements of character advancement. ‘Experiences’ will affect the earlier part of character development and ‘Battle Points’ will affect the later part of a character’s development in a big way.

In the earlier part, by acquiring licenses, characters can have opportunities to use upgraded weapons and armor. In the later part of the game, players will concentrate on developing their characters to be more effective under any circumstance. One developer has stated, “We are planning to make the earlier part of character development relatively fast and the later part of development a bit slower but more abundant. This is because we decided that too much difference between characters abilities that affect combat result is not good for an FPS game.”

Webzen has considered the fact that in most MMOGs the players at earlier levels have no chance of beating those at the higher levels, and therefore they have adjusted the game to make skill more significant than long periods of playing the game and leveling up. Leveling up will give players advantages, such as more slots for upgrades and perhaps faster aiming, but a lower level player can still measure up to a higher one.

This MMO is a pay to play game with a price yet undetermined. I’ll most likely be picking this one up and giving it a run for its money. I want the Beta.