WordCamp 2007: Day 1: Blogs vs. Journalism

Speakers: John C. Dvorak and Om Malik

This discussion touches on the similarity and differences of blogging and journalism. The talk spread over a number of topics, touching on: journalism’s view on blogging; comment moderation; libel suits and how to avoid them; layouts and perception. Overall, a great session.

Some interesting nuggets that the speakers have left with us (paraphrased when I couldn’t keep up) are as follows:

“Blogging is more of a reflection of our times.” -Malik

“[Blogging creates an independent force that causes other media to be affected.]” -Dvorak

“[Bloggers are susceptible as much as mainstream media to trivial things like the loss of Paris Hilton’s PDA]” -Dvorak

“Bloggers present themselves as bloggers. This has to change [if you want to be credible.]” -Dvorak

“Institutionalized ankle biting…essentially ridiculing mainstream media by their incompetence […] which is driving the mainstream media nuts.” -Dvorak

“The blogging world will be rejected out of hand by mainstream media as they are annoyances.” -Dvorak

“Blogging has a special aspect[, comments. … Respect the comments, good and bad. Read them. Respond to them.]” -Malik

“Comments make many blogs.” -Dvorak

“Collected intelligence is the biggest difference and benefit of blogging. You have to read every comment and respond appropriately.” -Malik

“Moderate comments. […] Moderating is the key to success, really.” -Dvorak

“It is the writer’s job to read the comments and moderate them.” -Dvorak

“‘You Suck and here’s why.’ comments are ok…” -Dvorak

On permanence of articles: “If I write an article and someone finds an error…I fix it.” -Dvorak

“When you write a post, write it. Then step away for 15 minutes. Then come back. [Problems are found much easier.]” -Malik

“Read your post outloud before you post. You’ll find stupid errors.” -Dvorak

“[Neo blog layouts, even though it is a blog, gains credibility through an advanced design.] First impressions are everything.” -Dvorak (see: XXLMag.com)

“Use ‘douchebag’ to cut down people…not crook to let people know that someone is shady.” -Dvorak

WordCamp 2007: Day 1: Podcasting

Speaker: Dan Kuykendall of MightySeek.com.

Dan. Podcaster. Developer. The session? Primarily an introduction to the excellent podPress WordPress plugin that started as a simple podcasting-geared tool and has morphed into a full featured media management plugin. As I haven’t dived into the wonderful world of podcasting, the plugin looks pretty sexy. The statistics provided by podPress seems quite extensive.

In addition to promoting the plugin, Dan briefly details the process of how he creates his podcasts and the equipment he uses. Pretty snazzy. Of particular note is his method for reducing room echo…building a foam crate where he places his microphone. Pretty snazzy.

Off To WordCamp

I'm going to WordCamp I’m heading off to WordCamp – a WordPress blogging conference – with Zach tomorrow (Friday). This will be my first WordCamp conference as well as my first time flying with JetBlue so I’m pretty excited all the way around. Once in San Francisco, we’ll be hooking up with Casey, a veteran camper who has conveniently scoped out accommodations, transportation, and all that fun stuff.

To top it all off…I hope to be getting a free T-Shirt :)