Office Pranks

I’m a jerk.

My manager and three of my co-workers went off to the SungardHE Summit conference in Las Vegas last week…I was left to fend for myself in the office. Nope. I didn’t go. But I didn’t sit idle! I wrangled up a crew (Al, Casey, Cliff, Tim, Laurianne, and a couple others) and “decorated” their offices.

IMG_6534.JPGFirstly was my boss’ office, wrapped up nicely in Tin-Foil. See the full article here.

Tin Foil Used: 1,100 square feet
Time Spent: 3 hours
Continual Manpower: 5
Cost: $30

IMG_6531.JPGSecondly was Zach’s office, Wallpapered in Post-It Notes. See the full article here.

Post-It Notes used: 5,300 (248.45 square feet of note surface).
Time Spent: 4 hours
Continual Manpower: 3
Cost: $60.71

IMG_6578.JPGThirdly was Dan’s office, covered in cups, a number partially filled with water. See the full article here.

Cups Used: 575
Time Spent: 45 minutes
Continual Manpower: 4
Cost: $25.99

IMG_6641.JPG Lastly was Dee’s office, I stole her monitor then filled her office section with balloons See the full article here.

Balloons Used: 280
Time Spent: 1.5 hours
Continual Manpower: 3
Cost: $12

All work was done after hours or during our lunch break on Friday. No work resources were used (save for half a role of tape and a little bit of electricity). A whole lot of plotting and fun was had by all. In fact, our Administrative God, Colleen, helped formulate a plan to ensure that the 4 prankees remained away from the office until Monday morning that involved buy-in from our CIO and the Plymouth State University Facility Services office. Basically, we told them that the carpets were being steam cleaned all weekend with some serious chemicals. Fun times :)

Following the completion of the first prank, I found myself giving numerous tours of the offices throughout the week as each prank was completed. Overall, a lot of fun! When they come in on Monday, I plan to have 4 video cameras…one in each office…to get their first reactions. Thats the plan and if I succeed, the vids will be going on YouTube.