Chuck Norris & Mike Huckabee: HuckChuckFacts

Chuck Norris is a god among men, legendary warrior, and all around deadly guy as I’ve stated before. It turns out that Mike Huckabee knows of this powerful force of roundhouse-kicking-bearded fury as well. Watch and be blown away:

Thanks to UNH Mike from who’s blog I found this awesome piece of work.

Drawing: Female Yuuzhan Vong Warrior

Female Yuuzhan Vong Warrior

Here’s a drawing of a female Yuuzhan Vong Warrior I did for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood using my Intuos 3 Wacom Tablet (You can click the image for a larger version). She has a very high sloping forehead, complete with tattoos, scarring, and topknot. She is clad in Vonduun Crab armor and wields an amphistaff.