Spider-Man 3 Teaser

Spider-Man 3 The Spider-Man 3 trailer has been posted at Apple Trailers! Holy crap. It looks insanely cool. It seems that next May we’ll be seeing Tobey Maguire back as Spider-Man…in Black? We’ll also be seeing Venom (Topher Grace), Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), the Green Goblin (James Franco), and of course, MJ (Kirsten Dunst).

The sports a sweet Sandman scene; a lot of shots of Spidey in black; the much needed and too few shots of MJ; and a little Green Goblin. Lets hope this movie continues the current Spider-Man trend and one-ups the previous!

UPDATE: Zach has put together an excellent detailed look at the Spider-Man 3 Teaser. Check it out.