Valve: Portal


From Xboxyde:

Valve just released this first trailer of Portal, their very experimental first person puzzle game announced with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Half Life 2/Team Fortress 2. Clearly Prey gave the Valve developers some very nice ideas about how use this cool technology.

After watching the trailer…wow. This game looks awesome. You play a test subject with a portal gun where you need to locate and get to an exit while avoiding obstacles (such as walls, drops, gun fire, etc) by shooting portal entrances and exits. Anything that enters through a portal entrance will appear in the portal exit wherever that may be. Sounds simple enough, but things can get complicated. Check the trailers out for yourself:

File : First trailer (32.67 MB) (1280×720) – Streaming version
File : First trailer (11.65 MB) (640×360) – Streaming version

Sadly this game seems like it is being developed for the XBox 360 and the PS3. Lets hope it comes out for the PC…if so, I’m buying it :)