RFID Passport Pilot Test

passportIt seems that the United States’ RFID Passports (which has privacy advocates scared) is finally becoming a reality. According to MSNBC:

The US has begun issuing passports that contain biometric information stored on remotely readable microchips, in spite of lingering security and privacy concerns.


The passport chips contain all the personal information printed inside the passport, as well as a digitised photograph of the passport holder. At ports of entry, scanners will access these data and compare them with a national database for identity verification.

The new “E-Passports” have so far been issued only to US diplomats, as part of a pilot programme conducted in collaboration with Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. They will be introduced nationwide by October.

Is our government this dense?!? I mean come on…a security firm already demonstrated that they were able to crack the encryption on the passport prototypes. October will be a sad month for us all if the US keeps to its deadline.