WoW UI Mod: FuBar

When I played World of Warcraft before my hiatus, TitanPanel was all the rage. What did it do? Well, it put this sexy little bar at the top of your UI with a lot of useful information that would otherwise have taken up a large area on the screen with the default UI. Titan Panel was excellent in that it provided easy to use hooks for other User Interface developers to tie their mods in with TitanPanel.

My new love in minimized data display in a sexy-little-bar format? FuBar. Why? Well…its basically the same mod with a slightly uglier texture behind it…but it has one amazing benefit that sold me on first use. You can have more than one bar!!!!! There’s a bit more than that so I’ll list FuBar’s features below:

  • Drag and drop rearragement of plugins.
  • Any plugin can exist on left or right.
  • Automatically adjust frames (can be turned off)
  • Any number of bars (not limited to just 2), you can attach to the top, bottom, or detach any amount you want.
  • Can detach a tooltip and pin it to the UI.
  • Object-oriented design.
  • LoadOnDemand capabilities for plugins.
  • Modularity (absolutely no plugins are intimitely connected to the core)
  • Minimal resource usage
  • Lots of handy features for developers.
  • Well documented API.
  • Skinning support
  • Can change the thickness, font size, transparency, spacing through simple sliders on the right-click menu.
  • Can place plugins on the minimap, which will function like standard minimap buttons.

Yet another mod you should adopt.