Domain Name Junkie

I’ll say it right out. I’m a domain name junkie. It didn’t start out that way…heck I owned only one or two domain names for my entire time at college. It was about a year ago that I began my problem. I’d get an idea, no matter how unbelievably stupid/odd/etc and then head straight to Go Daddy and buy one. Why? In case I’d ever have the urge to go forward with that idea and try to make a buck or have a few laughs. (watch for I’ve purchased/renewed 19 domains this year costing my about $151.05…and the sad part is I use less than half of them. Here are the ones I use:

Abby Batchelder
Crimson Eagles
Don’t Use the Internet (this one will be used by this weekend)
Master Wish
Matt Batchelder

Is having so many domains a problem? Well, maybe. It hurts my wallet at times but on the flip side its nice to get an idea and grab my spot on the internet before someone else does. That way, if I ever get around to making something that makes me money…well, it’ll have a home!