TSNG 3: D&D Character Sketches

To help myself get into my new Dragonborn character in my friend’s 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign (TSNG 3), I’ve whipped up a couple of drawings.

This first one is a quick 1-hour sketch of my character clad in some scale armor and pointing at something. I did a very rough coloring job on this guy, leaving all the lines visible. I really could have spent a LOT more time doing the coloring, but I did this while waiting for my character to show up in the first game. Overall I think it turned out ok for a quickie.

Heskaar Ur'bara'da'eredar

This next one will eventually hold the finished heads of all 5 player characters. I haven’t heard what each character looks like so I’ve only drawn and colored my character (in the middle). I look forward to finishing this puppy! Here it is thus far:

TSNG 3 Character Sketches

Both were drawn in Adobe Photoshop with my Wacom tablet.