Sam In A Pumpkin. Sam In A Turkey.

Right before Halloween, my wife put our daughter in a pumpkin for a cute photo-shoot:

Sam in a Pumpkin

Not wanting to be out-done, I put Sam in a turkey for a Thanksgiving photo shoot:

Sam in a Turkey

Overall, both pictures turned out nicely. She was surprisingly calm for both.

Note: due to the surprising number of people that actually think the second picture is real…I can assure that it is not. :) Here is the original.

Art: Turkey Sketch

I’ve begun the design of custom headers for holiday themed portal action in Plymouth State University‘s portal. Here’s a quick turkey sketch I did with my Wacom tablet in preparation for a Thanksgiving themed header. I’m still a little undecided on what I plan to do with the header as a whole. I have a few weeks to figure that out, I suppose :)