Coda – Finally A Mac Development Tool I Like

Coda I’ve had a Mac for quite a while now (well…I have two and hopefully a third very soon) and sadly development tools on the Mac have been pretty lame. I began development in a Windows environment a number of years ago and grew very happy (and spoiled) with EditPlus. The features that I found myself using within that editor that I am unable to live without are:

  • Single Window Environment
  • Custom Syntax Highlighting
  • Regular Expression Find/Replace
  • Function/Method List
  • Native FTP/SFTP
  • Intuitive Remote Site Browsing
  • Remote File Reload
  • Preview Tool

My attempts at finding Mac development software that suited all those needs have turned up pretty lame results. For the past year I’ve been suffering with BBEdit. While it is a fairly decent editor, its FTP support and multi-window interface just left me wanting something more.

Enter the newly released Coda.

This is the diamond in the rough! It provides everything that EditPlus had and a bunch more, integrating Panic‘s Transmit FTP application; a Terminal window; a sexy Editor with all the features I love; a browser window (Safari); a CSS Editor (which I’ll never use, although it’s cool); and a development Book library. Wow. Awesome stuff. Or as Panic puts it:

Text editor + Transmit + CSS editor + Terminal + Books + More = Whoah.

introducing coda. grow beautiful code.

Not only is their editor a beautiful application, their website is definitely something to write home about. Stunning. What’s even cooler is the fact that because I bought a Transmit license a few months back, I received a discount when I bought my Coda license. w00t! So…if you find yourself still on the hunt for a Mac Development Tool…Coda is the answer. Heck, even if you have one you like…Coda is better :)