Steve Don’t Eat It

cuitlacoche.jpgMy friend, Zach posted about this back in November, but I figured it was time to bring it back out of the woodwork. TheSneeze has a thread of articles called Steve, Don’t Eat It that is absolutely disgusting but equally entertaining to read.

This guy goes through 9 relatively – to – extremely disgusting sounding/smelling/looking things and eats them. Luckily Steve details a few things for us in each of his ‘Volumes’. He fully explains the process he went through to choose each nasty feast; he elaborates on both his mental and physical preparation; he goes into the gory details of each bite; and lastly he gives us his after thoughts. With such descriptions, he happily removes any urge (no matter how small) that I would ever have to try any of his “food and drink.”

Here are his features:

  • Potted Meat Food Product
  • Pickled Pork Rinds
  • Beggin’ Strips (yup…the dog treat)
  • Urkel-O’s cereal from 1991
  • Breast Milk
  • Natto (a.k.a. fermented soybeans)
  • Cuitlacoche (a.k.a. corn smut a.k.a. diseased corn…this is the image featured on this article, by the way)
  • Prison Wine
  • Silkworm Pupas

If you haven’t seen this already and you have an urge to laugh and puke at the same time. Check it out. Note: He hasn’t posted anything new since November, so I’m assuming he attempted to eat a 10th item and died in the process. Rest in peace, Steve.