Advanced GitHub issue filtering

A little over a year ago, I posted about using dotjs to add buttons for advanced issue filtering on GitHub. With GitHub’s launch of their revamped Issues page, or dotjs code is no longer needed! Issue filtering is where it’s at:


Example filter on Twitter Bootstrap’s GitHub page

Example: all bugs that aren’t labeled as “help wanted”

If you are looking at Twitter Bootstrap CSS issues, but don’t want to see items that are awaiting QA, add -label:"help wanted" to the Filter box. It should look like this:

is:open is:issue label:css -label:"help wanted"

Example: involving mdo with more than 2 comments

To get all open CSS issues on Twitter Bootstrap that have involved mdo in some way and have >2 comments:

is:open is:issue label:css involves:mdo comments:>2

Useful links

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for what can be done with the new Filter UI. GitHub has some docs that are worth a read:

Blingo Partners With Publishers Clearing House

PCHBlingo This is a tad late in begin posted but still quite intriguing. As of July 2, Blingo has partnered with Publishers Clearing House. They write:

Over the last two years you’ve come to enjoy great search results and fun prizes at Blingo. We’ve given away over 22,000 gifts since we started, but in an effort to give away more, even bigger prizes, Blingo has partnered with the king of sweepstakes. Yes, you guessed it: Publishers Clearing House, the folks who give away things like $10 million at a time. The new PCHBlingo will be the same great site but with a bit more punch.

Watch the site for new features and exciting prizes, and thanks for searching and winning on Blingo!

A couple of weeks ago, I won for the second time so I’m hooked :) I’m curious what Publishers Clearing House will be bringing to the table? Blingo has given away a big-screen HDTV to one lucky winner…perhaps we’ll see more prizes such as this!

Check it out and join. It uses Google search results so all its just Google with perks.

Wow. I just won again on Blingo.

Blingo I posted last week about winning a movie ticket through Blingo recently. I was psyched. Well, I just checked my e-mail and lo and behold…I just won another movie ticket. Its awesome. Sign up. Search. Happiness may follow!

The things you can win:

  • iPod Nano
  • Visa Gift Card $150, $100, $50, or $25
  • Blingo Movie Ticket
  • iTunes Gift Certificate

Needless to say I’ll be going to see Superman for free (sans concessions).

Blingo Pays Off

Blingo I started using Blingo back in December and I’m happy to say that I have received my first reward! A week and a half ago, one of my sign-up friends won a movie ticket and because I was a referrer of them, I won one too! Yup. Thats $8 I don’t have to pay when I head to the movies (maybe more if I go see Superman in Mass.).

Blingo is a search powered by Google. Its results ARE Google results, so for those of you that swear by Google and its excellent filtering of sites, well, you won’t lose anything by using Blingo. So whats the benefit of using the it? To put it simply…they give prizes. As you search through Blingo, you become eligible for prizes (that they give daily!).

Go sign up and use it!

Alexa Search Data For The Masses

Alexa – for those of you that don’t know – is an Amazon owned subsidiary that tracks “valuable information about the web, how it is used, what is important and what is not.” For example, you can search Alexa for and find traffic information, related links, etc. Alexa is a hugely useful tool for developers that want to watch their traffic and compare against competing sites. While combing sites and gathering statistics (which it does by the use of the Alexa toolbar as well as piggy backing onto the back of various other toolbars), Alexa has amassed huge amounts of data…and when I say huge amounts of data…I’m serious! Alexa spiders 4 billion to 5 billion pages a month and archives 1 terabyte of data a day.

They’ve been stockpiling search data since its inception in 1996. The great news? They are now opening it up to the public as a pay to play access to their data! Its called the Alexa Web Search Platform. Wired News writes:

To illustrate the new service’s potential, Alexa developed a photo search engine that allows users to query photo metadata normally hidden from standard keyword searches, such as the date the photo was taken or the camera used.


From computer scientists to web hobbyists, [Alexa CEO Bruce] Gilliat predicted Alexa’s inexpensive services will spawn numerous creative results.

And Slashdot writes:

The Alexa framework is not for the weak of heart — expect to learn how to use their C API, and expect to pay micro-amounts for requests and CPU cycles used — but it also seems to be more powerful than the rival APIs from Yahoo and Google.

While I have no huge reasons to sign-up and pay (however cheaply) for this service just yet, I look forward to seeing what comes of it! Having that much data available at your fingertips is a huge boon to the development and marketing community!

Blingo is Google with Perks!

I run around all day shouting ‘Google’ this and ‘Google’ that. I’m not going to stop. Its a cool company. So whats Blingo and whats so great about it?

Blingo is a search powered by Google. Its results ARE Google results, so for those of you that swear by Google and its excellent filtering of sites, well, you won’t lose anything by using Blingo. So whats the benefit of using the it? To put it simply…they give prizes. As you search through Blingo, you become eligible for prizes (that they give daily!). In addition, sign up through my link and we are forever hooked as friends. This means whatever either of us wins we both win it.

Sounds a lot like a scam, but here’s the thing, Blingo makes a pile of money off adsense advertising and they share a bit of that with us, their users. Simple concept, great execution. Don’t really believe me? Well, here are the flickr images tagged ‘Blingo’.

Anyway, go signup, it couldn’t hurt…

Google Services

After posting about Google Maps’ implementation of satellite imagery from Hurricane Katrina, it was suggested that I do a follow-up on Google Earth. I think I’ll go one step further and elaborate on some of Google’s hottest services and slightly speculate on what could be coming down the road.

Google Maps
Google Maps vs. MapQuest…Google wins hands down. Not only is this product able to generate efficient directions, but you can view maps using the standard road maps, using satellite imagery, or a hybrid of the two! This is a very sweet product that has been blogged about by many so won’t elaborate too much more on this product…but I would suggest heading over to and NoSheep!.

Google Earth
If you think Google Maps is something sweet, Google Earth will really turn you on! Ok, fine. It isn’t a web app…its a desktop app. Google Earth is a product formerly known as Keyhole until Google bought them up (along with Keyhole’s satellite) then reworked and rebranded it as their own. This is Google Maps on steroids. When you open the app, you start in space looking at Earth. When you enter a city, state, etc in the search box and hit enter, you see the earth rotate and you zoom in on the location you entered. If the location happens to be a place that is densely populated, there is a chance that there are 3-dimensional buildings available for you to view…simply check the ‘Buildings’ box and tilt your view and viola! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would highly recommend you get off your butt and go download it. Its bound to be a great procrastination tool!

Google Mail has breathed life back into the e-mail web client industry. They are setting the standard and are crushing competitors with their innovative design and search-based/tagging e-mail archiving. Gmail is a whole new way of handling the taxonomy of e-mail!

In Gmail:

  • There are no folders, there is labeling. WTF is that? Well, its a way of marking an e-mail as part of a specific topic…say I receive an e-mail from MasterWish about my new account and I want to save it. Rather than dropping that e-mail in a folder marked ‘MasterWish’, I apply a label to that e-mail called ‘MasterWish.’ Ok, so whats the difference between that and folders? Here’s the kicker, I can apply a second label to that e-mail called ‘Account Information’…Then I can apply a third called ‘Sweet Websites’. Basically it allows you to put an e-mail into as many categories that you want which makes searching for the e-mail a whole lot easier. Now I no longer have to sit and think “Alright…this e-mail is about MasterWish so I want to put it in the MasterWish folder…but wait. It is also an Account Information e-mail….hrm.” Now I simply label it as many times as I want and I’m done!
  • Goolge Search Power! Yeah, rather than folders and moving e-mail all over gods creation, Google has a handy dandy ‘Archive’ button. If you don’t want a crap ton of e-mail that you have already read sitting in your inbox and you don’t want to delete it, Archive it! No worries, if you want to find it again simply use the google-style search box to find it again. Hugely efficient, hugely accurate, extremely easy, and faster than Outlook search :D
  • View entire e-mail threads. When you get a conversation going back and forth with a friend or business…i.e. you send an e-mail, they reply, you reply, they reply, you reply, etc. Rather than cluttering up your inbox with umpteen-million e-mails, Gmail places them in one! You can see every e-mail in a given discussion and expand/hide parts that you care/don’t care to see.
  • AJAX. (Asynchronous Javascript And XML). With Gmail there are few page loads. As you navigate around your Gmail account you may notice that the page usually doesn’t reload… Thats AJAX. Gmail and Google Maps have made it hugely popular. I’ll post a followup describing it later because it is its own topic in and of itself.

Google Talk
I just downloaded Google Talk today :) Google now has an IM application! If you have a Gmail account, you can get it and login without creating yet another account to remember. As my friends move towards Gmail accounts, this will become a slicker tool to use. If you have a Gmail account, I urge you to download Google Talk and give it a whirl. If there is enough end-user response to the application, I’m sure Google will be able to do great things in the IM market. Its simple. No ads. It offers one-click access to your Gmail account.

Google Desktop
Microsoft did it wrong (as usual)…Google has done it right (as usual) with Google Desktop. This tool will index all of your e-mail (Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, etc), your IM programs, visited webpages, text documents, and a crap ton of other stuff allowing you to search (using a browser) all of the above returning search results as quick as Google Search! If you have used the Microsoft search tool in Windows, you know from experience that its like watching grass grow.

Oh, and with the newest version of Google Desktop, there is a sidebar that allows you to monitor all sorts of things in addition to executing desktop searches. There is a photo rotater, a blog monitor (places newest posts on your most frequented site visits), an iTunes controller, etc.

The above is what I use and find extremely cool. Obviously there are a whole lot of additional web apps that Google is developing. I’ll be posting more as I use them ;) In the mean time, check out what Google has to offer at the Google Labs. Where are they headed? Are they slowly cornering/buying out various web markets for a ‘secret scheme’ or just trying to make right what has been horribly wrong for so long? Time will tell…we do know, however, that Google is making other companies *cough cough*Microsoft*cough cough* extremely angry as the Google competition is hard to top! If Microsoft is threatening to “Kill Google”, the company must be doing something right!