Multimedia Syllabus

Class: Multimedia (CS 3440)

Instructor: Matthew Batchelder
Office: Hyde 3rd Floor, ITS Offices
Phone: 535-2086
Office Hours: I am in my office most of the time between 8AM and 5PM. However, I will make sure I’m there if you call or email me ahead of time.
Email: mtbatchelder (AT) plymouth (DOT) edu
Required Text Book: Fundamentals of Multimedia, Ze-Nian Li, Mark S. Drew (publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-061872-1)

Meeting Times and Places:
Tuesday: Rounds 207, 12:30-1:45.
Thursday: Memorial 213, 12:30-1:45 Lab.

Course Description:
Use and development of multimedia – combining text, graphics, sound, still and video images and animation into a unified, seamless document. Examines the nature of the various media, the capture or creation, digitalization and modification of each media type, the architecture and technology of multimedia systems, the principles behind effective multimedia presentations, analysis and design of GUI systems and multimedia development through the use of common software packages. Treats both the fundamental concepts and current and emerging technologies.

Course Goals and Objectives:

  1. Learn about the nature of text, image, audio, video, graphic and animation files.
  2. Learn about capturing the various media.
  3. Learn about creating, editing and storing the various media.
  4. Learn about digitization and compression and the role they play in multimedia.
  5. Learn about authoring tools for packaging multimedia systems.
  6. Learn about web-based multimedia and the special problems involved in delivering media over the WWW.
  7. Learn about effective graphical user interfaces.
  8. Learn to use a variety of common software packages to complete the above objectives.

40% – Labs
30% – Quizzes
30% – Final Project

Grade Scale:
Grades will be assigned according to the following scale:
93-100 – A
90-92 – A-
88-89 – B+
83-87 – B
80-82 – B-
78-79 – C+
73-77 – C
70-72 – C-
68-69 – D+
63-67 – D
60-62 – D-
below 60 – F

Evaluation Items

  • Final Project: Every student will be expected to complete a semester project. The project will be presented to the rest of the class during the last week of classes and during the final exam period (which is Tuesday, May 16, 11am – 1:30pm). The project will comprise 30% of the semester grade.
  • Quizzes: There will be 4 hour-long quizzes. Of the four quizzes, only 3 will count toward the semester grade, with the lowest score of the four being dropped. These three quizzes and a final exam will comprise 30% of the semester grade (6% each). NO makeup quizzes will be given for any reason. If for some reason a student misses an quiz, that quiz will be his or her dropped quiz. The first section (11-11:50) of the final exam period will be used for project presentations. The quiz schedule is as follows:
    1. Quiz 1: Tuesday, February 21
    2. Quiz 2: Tuesday, March 28
    3. Quiz 3: Tuesday, April 18
    4. Quiz 4: Thursday, April 27
    5. Final Exam: Tuesday, May 16, 11am-1:30am (11-11:50 will be used for project presentations)
  • Labs: There will be a number of lab sesions throughout the semester. During the lab, we will meet in Memorial 213. During some of these lab periods, students will be expected to complete an exercise. These lab assignments will comprise 40% of the semester grade, with the lowest lab assignment grade being dropped. NO late labs will be accepted. If for some reason a student misses a lab, that lab will be his or her dropped lab.

Attendance Policy:
Attendance will not be taken in class or lab. However, every student is responsible for everything covered, even if it is not in the text.

Academic Honesty:
Issues of copyright and attributing original sources are particularly important in this course. These topics will be covered in this course, but it is important to realize from the first day of this course that you must accurately represent work that you have created originally versus work that consists of elements from other authors/creators. A safe guideline is to very clearly attribute the work of others, and use content from other people sparingly in your own work. I reserve the right to individually question students about their homework assignments and labs to have the student explain his or her answers to me. If you are unable to explain your answers when I ask, you will not be given credit for the assignment or lab. Such a situation constitutes plagiarism and you are referred to the Student Handbook for a description of the possible consequences of such academic dishonesty.

Tentative Schedule:

Week Date Topic Assignment
week 1
January 30
Ummm…hello to you.  (omghi2u)
Read Chapter 1
February 2
Introduction to Multimedia Read Handout (Navigating the Digital Vista)
week 2
February 7
Introduction to Multimedia (cont.) Read Lab Handout
February 9
Lab – Versatile Powerpoint Navigation
Read Handout (Chapter 7-10 excerpts)
week 3
February 14
File Compression
Read Lab Handout
February 16
Lab – Compression

week 4
February 21
Read Handouts (Chapter 3-4 excerpt & Web Usability)
February 23
Images, Color, & Web Usability
Meet in Memorial. Read Handout (Web 2.0)
week 5
February 28
Web 2.0
Read Lab Handout
March 2
Lab – Webpage Usability
Meet in Memorial 213; Read Handout (Chapter 6 excerpt)
week 6
March 7
Basics of Digital Audio
Read Lab Handout
March 9

Meet in Memorial 213;
week 7
March 14
Audio & Project Planning Read Handout (Project Planning, Delivery, & Presentation)
March 16
Quiz Read Handout (Chapter 2 excerpt)
week 8
March 21
No Class
Spring Break – Develop Project Idea
March 23
No Class/Lab Spring Break – Develop Project Idea
week 9
March 28
Animation & Authoring Software
Read Lab Handout
March 30
Lab – Flash
Meet in Memorial 213;
week 10
April 4
No Class

April 6
No Class/Lab (Work on your Flash Lab)
Work in Memorial 213 (if needed)
week 11
April 11
Read Handout (Chapter 5 Excerpt)
April 13

week 12
April 18
Flash Help & Video Slides
Read Lab Handout
April 20
Lab/Project Assistance
week 13
April 25
Legal & Ethical Issues/Presenting Your Project

April 27

week 14
May 2
Work on Project
May 4
Work on Project

week 15
May 9

May 11

week 16
May 16
Presentations & Final Exam (11am-1:30pm)