TSNG 3: D&D Character Sketches

To help myself get into my new Dragonborn character in my friend’s 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign (TSNG 3), I’ve whipped up a couple of drawings.

This first one is a quick 1-hour sketch of my character clad in some scale armor and pointing at something. I did a very rough coloring job on this guy, leaving all the lines visible. I really could have spent a LOT more time doing the coloring, but I did this while waiting for my character to show up in the first game. Overall I think it turned out ok for a quickie.

Heskaar Ur'bara'da'eredar

This next one will eventually hold the finished heads of all 5 player characters. I haven’t heard what each character looks like so I’ve only drawn and colored my character (in the middle). I look forward to finishing this puppy! Here it is thus far:

TSNG 3 Character Sketches

Both were drawn in Adobe Photoshop with my Wacom tablet.

D&D 4th Edition Updates and Toolsets

As I mentioned before, the Dungeons and Dragons site was down (and is once more), but with Randy’s help, he and I poked around a little bit and found some goodies.

Firstly, we read an article on class development which focused on the Fighter Class. It appears that the whole talent trees that I discussed in my previous post work in a pretty sexy way for fighters! At first level, a fighter chooses a weapon type which basically ‘locks’ him/her into a certain weapon tree where he can gain specific talents with the given weapon. Kinda cool.

Secondly, DnDInsider, the subscription based community site that Wizards is launching is available for public beta testing so people can get a feel for what will be coming in the next year. As soon as the site is back up, I’ll be making an account and poking around there. Making an account is a good idea if you have any desire to be a 4th Edition play tester as they will be picking members sometime in the next 11 months from that community to do just that…play test!

Thirdly, here’s the 4th Edition presentation that was given at GenCon this year. Within the presentation, they demo a sweet new dungeon mapping toolset. Check it out: