Why Paladin Names are Pink in Raids

Shortly after one of my friends created a video on a 10-Paladin instance run in Stratholme Dead, he asked the following:

Why did Blizzard make the paladin names pink in a raid, anyway?

For those curious, here’s the reason:

  1. Many Horde players hate Paladins because of Shield+Hearth
  2. Because of this, the Horde (and some jealous Alliance members) consider Paladins to be dinks.
  3. So Paladin could be written as: Paladink
  4. Another way to write ‘male’ is ‘lad’
  5. While referring to an individual Paladink male, you could refer to him as ‘a lad’
  6. Many male players like to play female characters, and most female players play female characters.
  7. Since many Paladinks are not male (lads), ‘a lad’ was dropped from the name
  8. Which gives us…: Pink

The color is simply equal to the class’ name.