Don’t Use the Internet

Oh man. Friday I bought the domain name The purpose of the site will be to blog all kinds of complaints as to why we should boycott the internet…on the internet. Anyhow, that same day I purchased the domain, some dude up in Canada was looking at that domain name too. He saw that I had purchased it and decided to send me the following e-mail:

Hi, Matt.
I’m D____ F_______, from ________ Canada, … and I love using the internet, and often look for interesting domains.

Wow, I couldn’t believe it as I had a brainwave to suddenly check out your domain name, just to see if someone bought such a unique domain name such as yours of …

And guess what, I see that just yesturday, you bought it, too … wow, what coincidence.

I doubt if I would have ever bought the name, myself, but who knows, and if I would have, I would have been so dissappointed that I missed buying it by one day.

Anyway, I suppose I am curious just as to why you would actually buy a domain such as this?

Is it just for unique novel purposes (such as to what I would have used it for), or is it that you actually do not believe in using the net, if I may ask?

Ok, well pleased to have made your aqquaintance, and if you don’t reply, well I will just have to return to your site, sometime and check it out to see what you will put up on it (as at present you only have the “parent dir” on it).

bye for now, D_____

To which I replied:

Hi, D_____

I don’t believe in using the internet. Everytime someone uses it, God kills a puppy.