Office Prank: Tin Foil

IMG_6534.JPG Tin Foil Used: 1,100 square feet
Time Spent: 3 hours
Continual Manpower: 5
Cost: $30

During this past week, our first of four – and I dare say our crowning – prank was done to my manager‘s office. Using 1,100 square feet of tin foil, a number of co-workers and I coated the room in aluminum. This prank began after a long day of work…we grabbed 30 rolls of tin foil and we got right down to business.

The participants in this prank were primarily me, Al, Cliff, Casey, and Abby. Also making an appearance to help were: Jon and Bill (our DBAs) and Tim (our student Junior Web Dev).

The project began with no clue or even an estimate of how long the project would take. I started wrapping books and magazines individually that were sprawled on Ken’s desk, Jon started wrapping random objects, Bill tackled boards hanging on the walls, and Al attacked the computer monitors and docking stations. As Jon and Bill left after 30 minutes, Cliff, Casey, and Abby took their place where we tackled the office full force. I continued with wrapping the desk, cords, and the desk’s numerous…and I mean NUMEROUS items; Cliff wrapped the book case and 3 chairs; Al attacked the office corners; Abby wrapped folders, papers, and magazines; Casey wrapped clothing, name tags, a fan, and a number of other random items. Tim arrived a bit later and helped by wrapping a printer and a number of cords.


When all was said and done, the coating of Ken’s office took about 3 hours. The work was fun and all involved became very familiar with how cheap the tin foil was that I had purchased. Dollar store for the win. All in all, the final results were very pleasing. Check out the full gallery here!


Office Prank: Post-It Notes

IMG_6531.JPGPost-It Notes used: 5,300 (248.45 square feet of note surface).
Time Spent: 4 hours
Continual Manpower: 3
Cost: $60.71

This was our second and most time-consuming prank of the four executed this past week. Using 5,300 Post-It Notes (248.45 square feet of the little suckers), a number of co-workers and I coated my co-worker‘s office in yellow sticky goodness. Wednesday after work we began this prank with a mere 1,400 Post-It Notes but after an hour and a half found that I had purchased too few. We continued the following day with another 4,900!

The participants in this prank were primarily me, Al and Cliff. Also making an appearance to help were: Casey, Abby, Ted (our Systems Group Manager) and his family.

5,300 Post-It Notes is a nice large number with a lot of repetitive motions…rip, stick, press; rip, stick, press. The application went a great deal faster than we all expected, however, we had a lot of surface to cover. We promptly found out that Post-It notes didn’t like sticking to the door, to the chairs, or the ceiling…but we shoved notes wherever we could. On and under desks, bookcases, toys, bottles, monitors, a fan, a globe, white boards, etc. Anything that would accept a Post-It Note received one.


This prank rivaled the Tin Foil prank. The final result looked amazing and really brightened up Zach’s blue room. I considered this one a pretty good accomplishment once it was finished. Check out the full gallery here!


Office Prank: Cups O Water

IMG_6578.JPGCups Used: 575
Time Spent: 45 minutes
Continual Manpower: 4
Cost: $25.99

This was our third prank this past week, done immediately following the Post-It Note prank. Using 575 16oz plastic cups, a number of co-workers and I covered my co-worker‘s floor and every other stable flat surface. This prank was actually a pretty fast one as we had a lot of help.

The participants in this prank was done by me, Al, and the Wisniewski family.

The cups were a mixture of clear and red (the red ones were a result of Wal-Mart not having enough clear). First, the word pwnd (a gamer word meaning “we destroyed” or “we devastated”) was spelled out in red cups (placed upside down). The surfaces of bookshelves and the desk were covered primarily in red…and then the floor began to fill out in clear. As cups were placed down, Al went back and forth between the water fountain and filled random cups 1/4 full of water with a blender pitcher.


575 cups is a fairly decent number despite the fact that they weren’t lip-to-lip on the floor. The fact that water was placed in a large number of cups causes me to pity poor Dan (the office resident) and his inevitable clean-up process. Check out the full gallery here!


Office Prank: Balloons and Missing Monitor

IMG_6641.JPGBalloons Used: 280
Time Spent: 1.5 hours
Continual Manpower: 3
Cost: $12

This was our fourth and final prank of the week. This prank was a two parter…pretty fun and easy.

The participants in this prank was: me, Al, Casey, Tim, and Laurianne.

Part 1: Stealing Dee‘s monitor. Why do this? Well, leading up to her trip to Vegas, Dee has continually (jokingly) expressed her worry that she’d return and her monitor (the sexiest monitor in ITS, Hyde Hall) would be gone. We didn’t want her worries to go away so Al and I stole her monitor and hid it in one of our DBA’s office (this done without his knowledge either). Of course…this part was super fast.


Part 2: Ballooning the Office. We used 280 12 inch latex balloons provided by Laurianne, blowing them up with an electric pump (thank god) provided by Al. Over lunch, work began on blowing up balloons, tying them, and tossing them into Dee’s office area. Because Dee and Laurianne share an office, I used plastic wrap and tape to separate the two sections and hold in the balloons! We had a nice system going for balloon blowing/tying and banged through this prank pretty quickly! This prank was a fun one that left the balloon tying people’s fingers a bit sore.

Check out the full gallery of both prank parts!