Dreamhost and Inept LA Utilities

I own a whole boat load of domains (as I have stated in my GoDaddy Addiction article) and the hosting service I go through is Dreamhost and I must say they are by far the best hosting service I have come across…I’ve jumped around a lot over the years trying to find a host that was fairly reliable, had a good administration user interface, and had fairly prompt customer support. Dreamhost is it.

Well, my opinion of them soured every so slightly yesterday when I was unable to reach any of my sites or any of my friend’s sites that are hosted at Dreamhost…for about 5 hours. Heck, even the front Dreamhost site was down at the same time. Obviously something went horribly wrong as Dreamhost had not sent out a ‘planned down time’ e-mail as they usually do. Ok, sure, I’m fairly forgiving when things go wrong, but when Dreamhost did not send out a reason as to why their services were down (as they usually do), I became somewhat irritated. Perhaps I’m too touchy when it comes to that sort of thing, but when a hosting service holds all of my data and source for hundreds and hundreds of hours of time and effort…a little feed back would be a good thing.

A couple of minutes ago, my irritation was put to rest. It wasn’t Dreamhost’s fault. It seems that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power had a slip up that caused large portions of LA to lose power for upwards of five hours. Here’s the article at LA Times which I found over at LAVoice.org.

So thats a big hooray for skill of Toluca Lake’s workers and a big apology to Dreamhost. I suppose if I watched the news a little more diligently, I would have known…granted, some communication after the fact would have been nice to see.