Office Prank: Post-It Notes

IMG_6531.JPGPost-It Notes used: 5,300 (248.45 square feet of note surface).
Time Spent: 4 hours
Continual Manpower: 3
Cost: $60.71

This was our second and most time-consuming prank of the four executed this past week. Using 5,300 Post-It Notes (248.45 square feet of the little suckers), a number of co-workers and I coated my co-worker‘s office in yellow sticky goodness. Wednesday after work we began this prank with a mere 1,400 Post-It Notes but after an hour and a half found that I had purchased too few. We continued the following day with another 4,900!

The participants in this prank were primarily me, Al and Cliff. Also making an appearance to help were: Casey, Abby, Ted (our Systems Group Manager) and his family.

5,300 Post-It Notes is a nice large number with a lot of repetitive motions…rip, stick, press; rip, stick, press. The application went a great deal faster than we all expected, however, we had a lot of surface to cover. We promptly found out that Post-It notes didn’t like sticking to the door, to the chairs, or the ceiling…but we shoved notes wherever we could. On and under desks, bookcases, toys, bottles, monitors, a fan, a globe, white boards, etc. Anything that would accept a Post-It Note received one.


This prank rivaled the Tin Foil prank. The final result looked amazing and really brightened up Zach’s blue room. I considered this one a pretty good accomplishment once it was finished. Check out the full gallery here!