Fixing Firewall & Router Problems With Warcraft

My friend Bude just started blogging and his first post was a good one. Topic: Fixing Firewall & Router Issues With Warcraft…but more specifically; If you’re having issues creating Warcraft III games, the fix is really quite easy.

If you’ve every attempted to host a Warcraft III game and your friends are unable to join no matter what the map…well, you’ve got a problem, although the fix is pretty simple:

Bude takes you step by step through setting up port forwarding on your Linksys router so that ports 6112 – 6119 point at specific machines on your network so they each can host games. That’s typically half the problem. However, you may find that people are still unable to join your hosted games.

You may be choosing a stupid map…or it could be a firewall problem. Bude explains how – on Windows XP – to open a hole in the Firewall to allow incoming connections to War3.exe. After thats solved, all should be right in the world and you can host Warcraft III games to your hearts content! DotA for the win!