Web Expressions – Lab 1 – Blogs

Alrighty! Today we’re going to be setting up our blogs. Here are some Blogging Instructions to help you get started.

Today we meet in Memorial 213 and we’ll be:

  • Going over the above documentation
  • Setting up our Blogs
  • Posting a Blog Entry
  • Commenting on someone else’s Blog
  • Giving the instructor $2,000 just for fun.

The use of Blogs in our class:
I have discussed this a couple of times but have not yet been clear on exactly how we will be using your blogs this semester. Starting 9/12/2005 you will be required to make a minimum of 2 non-assignment related posts a week. You can post as many posts as you want every week but here’s the deal:

  • If you post diary-like posts, it must convey an issue you have encountered and dealt with; and/or it must contain your opinions on topics you have encountered.
  • In addition to your own blog posts, you will also be required to post your answers to assignments throughout the semester. These do not apply towards your 2 posts per week.
  • I will be grading your posts. Here are the grading specifics for your semester of blogging (I will grade your blogging over the semester, not each one individually):
    Points Subject
    20 Regular postings (at least two/week)
    10 Postings address clear topic and fit in the theme of the blog or (for journal blogs) are particularly insightful.
    10 Postings are well-written and organized
    10 Postings contain adequate links to supporting/clarifying websites.
    10 Initiative and Originality
    10 Blog entries are of potential interest to outside reader.
    10 Response to comments: Author has responded to comments adequately.
    10 Effective use of images and text formatting to create a visually appealing blog.
    10 EXTRA CREDIT: Blog has off-campus commenter. (non-friend or family member )
    Forfeit all points if in violation. Netiquette: postings do not violate any rules of good Internet conduct. See notes addressing netiquette. (Violations must be immediately cleared up to prevent blog account from being switched off)
    100 TOTAL (110 with extra credit)

Blog Topics:
Blogging may not come easy to everyone. It took a while for me to get the swing of things, but once I started going I keep finding odd things to post :) If you run into a mindblock and can’t think of anything, maybe this will start your mind thinking in the right direction:

Maybe try a PSU centered blog

  • PSU events: music, films, plays, speakers, plays
  • PSU sports: how did the(fill-in specific sport) team do?
    How can team x improve? Etc.
  • PSU politics: what issues are ranging on campus.
  • PSU life: what is like to be a PSU student?

Aim for a special interest blog

  • Gaming
  • Poetry
  • Art work
  • Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Literature
  • Horticulture
  • Outdoor pursuits (hiking, skiing, biking, etc)
  • Bird watching
  • Editorial blogs: reacting to issues in the media.
  • Place blog: What is life like in … Plymouth, NH, your home town?
  • Informational blog: how to do something (configure a firewall, build a canoe, fix a car, etc, travel for $25/day, etc)

(grading scale provided by Dr. Evelyn Stiller, Plymouth State University)