Google Spreadsheets and Writely Merge

Since the Google acquisition of Writely and the creation of Google Spreadsheets, the two office-like products have sat separate. Office documentation has become more simplified as of last night! Google Spreadsheets and Writely have merged into one web application: Google Docs.

Google Docs has kept the functionality of the two products intact while adopting the simplified look-n-feel of Google Spreadsheets. The next logical step would be to merge some of the functionality of each application…adopt discussions in the document (ex-Writely) section and give the collaboration/publish functionality to spreadsheets. (yeah yeah, you can already collaborate with spreadsheets, but the collaboration is limited)

I’m excited to see what pans out with all of this. Oh, and as a side note, I see that Google has added a ‘Photos‘ link to the quick-nav at the top of Google Docs. Google is finally pushing Picasa…interesting.