Colby Fine Dog

This picture is one (of many) that my wife took this past summer with her sweet camera. Thats Colby, my grandparent’s dog. He’s a brilliant piece of work – scared of outhouses and tiny animals. Anyways, I often find myself looking at this photo, its colors and composition look pretty groovy.

The photo was taken in Plymouth, NH at a beach along the Baker River.

My Wife The Photographer

My wife is a photographer. I’m a huge fan of her stuff so every once in a while I’ll be posting photos that she’s taken and telling a little about them. We recently bought her a sweet Canon EOS 20D 8.2MP Digital SLR Camera that has really let her spread her wings and take some gorgeous stuff. The first I’ll show you is one of my recent favorites that she’s taken:

This is a bee flitting around a lupine. She took this in the parking lot of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory in Vermont (June 5th 2006). I love the detail on the bee when you look at the picture at full size. The background is pleasantly blurred :)

Check out my wife’s website!

My Little Demon

Ducky Chicken Finger is my kitten. On August 18th he joined our family. When we brought the little stray into our home he was a little, pitiful, flea infested kitten but now that we have had him for about 3 weeks he has shown his true colors to my wife and me. We see that it was all a guise to come into our home and he is actually a demon…but we love him anyways.

At first glance from a distance (and let me emphasize a distance) this kitten looks like any other kitten. He’s small, a little pudgy, and has a curious look in his eyes. He seems to be a happy and healthy kitten. Desipite his appearance, there are a few things about Ducky Chicken Finger that everyone should know:

  1. This kitten has ADHD
  2. This kitten does NOT sleep
  3. This kitten loves to hear the word ‘No’ and will attack you over and over and over and over just to hear the lovely word
  4. This kitten is NOT afraid of the ‘spray bottle’ (our disciplinary tool)
  5. This kitten eats human flesh
  6. This kitten is the spawn of satan

My wife and I have attempted to document his unholy power by the use of digital photos.

Here is the calm before the storm

Begin the windup!

Ducky Crazy Go Nuts

Kitten Golf

Ducky fiddles with coins

Ducky explores the table

Ducky explores the rolling-pin hole

Ducky attacks my arm

Ducky climbs my leg to attack the camera