ITS Team Building Through Battle

Many thanks to Al, Erich, and Cliff for setting up another successfull ITS Paintball trip! Five ITS members participated – Alan Baker, Cliff Pearson, Erich Beyrent, Ted Wisniewski, and Me – along with Erich’s brother Geoff and my wife, Abby. The trip down was swell and our first few games were small (consisting of just the 7 of us). Teams were split up initially as such:

Team Fluffy Bunny:
Me, Abby, Geoff and Cliff
Team Squishy n00bs:
Al, Ted, Erich

I must say that Team Fluffy Bunny rocked the house until both teams were merged into one as more players joined in. A total of 19 games were played in 7 hours. I ended up sucking majorly halfway through the day getting no more than 2 kills a game (and often 0!).

Of all the players, though, Cliff shined through as the 1337 pwnz0r making all the n00bs cry in pain with his mad paintball skills. The rest of us did well (kill counts coming soon, perhaps), although Al, Ted, and Erich tended to last the longest in the later games…jerks.

We worked together, we killed together, and we died together…heck, there was a bit of team-killing going on to help us along with the dying part :) All in all, the day was a blast! We’re hoping for more numbers the next go-round…if you haven’t tried the sport, give it a go. Its an adrenaline rush…and; you get to rain paint down on your friends until they beg for mercy. What more could you ask for?

Luckily my wife was there to document some of the games with her spiffy new camera. Check out the gallery here. Here’s a few sweet samples: