Passive Aggressive Notes

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So, I just stumbled onto Passive Aggressive Notes and have found myself reading post after post. The site has been around a long time but in my endless interweb meandering, I’ve failed to stumble onto it before.

For those of you that – like me – are unenlightened, here’s the site’s tagline: “Painfully polite and hilariously hostile writings from shared spaces the world over.”

And here’s a few samples of awesomeness:

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An Introduction to Multimedia

What is Multimedia? Multimedia is a combination of text, animated graphics, video, and sound delivered to you via some electronic means. We are immersed in it. Its what appeals to me for entertainment; for research.

As technology has progressed we have seen a convergence of both the presentation and study of Multimedia. Multimedia Lecture #1 will discuss this convergence and further continue the introduction with the discussion Multimedia Navigation and Usability.

Get the Class Slides here.

Check out this great resources:

Read this paper in preparation for our next class: Reducing Cognitive Load in Multimedia Navigation.