MyComic WordPress Plugin v0.5 Released!

Last night I went into plugin fixing mode and have updated and released the latest version of the MyComic WordPress Plugin (download it here)! This new version is compatible with the latest version of WordPress (2.1.2) and it fixes/adds/changes a few things:

Bug Fixes:

  • Error on plugin activation is fixed
  • Fixed some inefficiencies with the comic nav display code
  • Fixed some incompatibility errors with the new version of WordPress
  • Correctly linked to the example MyComic CSS file

New Features/Updates:

  • MyComic options menu has been relocated from the WordPress Options Tab to the WordPress Plugins Tab
  • Users can choose to sort comic navigation by post_id or by comic id

Special thanks to all the people that left comments to poke/prod me to update the plugin. Thanks to Mosey for being my Beta Testing Guinea Pig.