Most Popular MMORPG

WoW Well, as expected, Blizzard has once again created the most popular game of a given category! In a press release on Blizzard‘s site they announced meeting the 1 million paying customer mark in the US! Bringing the total of paying customers world wide to over 4 million. Assuming ~4 million customers @ $15/month…thats $60,000,000 every month. $720,000,000 dollars in a year (assuming the membership stays at around 4 million). Thats a lot of cash.

Its just amazing how this industry has been growing…A number of companies have been in the MMORPG market for a while, but it has been Blizzard’s World of Warcraft that has brought the industry to its full light. Blizzard’s followers from the hit Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo series seemed to have simply followed the Genious company into their new realm of domination…and they brought their friends and family :) With numbers this high in the MMO industry (and growing) who knows what this could hold for the future!