Blingo Partners With Publishers Clearing House

PCHBlingo This is a tad late in begin posted but still quite intriguing. As of July 2, Blingo has partnered with Publishers Clearing House. They write:

Over the last two years you’ve come to enjoy great search results and fun prizes at Blingo. We’ve given away over 22,000 gifts since we started, but in an effort to give away more, even bigger prizes, Blingo has partnered with the king of sweepstakes. Yes, you guessed it: Publishers Clearing House, the folks who give away things like $10 million at a time. The new PCHBlingo will be the same great site but with a bit more punch.

Watch the site for new features and exciting prizes, and thanks for searching and winning on Blingo!

A couple of weeks ago, I won for the second time so I’m hooked :) I’m curious what Publishers Clearing House will be bringing to the table? Blingo has given away a big-screen HDTV to one lucky winner…perhaps we’ll see more prizes such as this!

Check it out and join. It uses Google search results so all its just Google with perks.

Most Popular MMORPG

WoW Well, as expected, Blizzard has once again created the most popular game of a given category! In a press release on Blizzard‘s site they announced meeting the 1 million paying customer mark in the US! Bringing the total of paying customers world wide to over 4 million. Assuming ~4 million customers @ $15/month…thats $60,000,000 every month. $720,000,000 dollars in a year (assuming the membership stays at around 4 million). Thats a lot of cash.

Its just amazing how this industry has been growing…A number of companies have been in the MMORPG market for a while, but it has been Blizzard’s World of Warcraft that has brought the industry to its full light. Blizzard’s followers from the hit Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo series seemed to have simply followed the Genious company into their new realm of domination…and they brought their friends and family :) With numbers this high in the MMO industry (and growing) who knows what this could hold for the future!