WordCamp 2007: Day 1: Podcasting

Speaker: Dan Kuykendall of MightySeek.com.

Dan. Podcaster. Developer. The session? Primarily an introduction to the excellent podPress WordPress plugin that started as a simple podcasting-geared tool and has morphed into a full featured media management plugin. As I haven’t dived into the wonderful world of podcasting, the plugin looks pretty sexy. The statistics provided by podPress seems quite extensive.

In addition to promoting the plugin, Dan briefly details the process of how he creates his podcasts and the equipment he uses. Pretty snazzy. Of particular note is his method for reducing room echo…building a foam crate where he places his microphone. Pretty snazzy.

Announcing Microsoft wLife ’07 – the iLife Killer

Microsoft‘s new Apple iLife killer has been announced! At first glance, it seems to be a simple re-compilation of pre-existing tools with a nice marketing package on top. Overall, a solid looking product. A special thanks to Brick Blog and Spiralbound for cluing me in on this launch.

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Microsoft wLife

The solid architecture behind the new wLife ’07 suite is by far the best thing that has graced Microsoft’s OS since HyperTerminal and Volume control. Judging by their recent success with the Zune, the company is sure to maintain its place in the market. I can’t wait until their next version of Windows Character Map.