Marvel Civil War Reading Order

[[innerindex]]Civil War As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a fan of Marvel’s Civil War comics. Like many, I’ve been buying up the comics and reading them as they come out, which gives an approximate reading order. When looking back at the Civil War comics released thus far, its difficult to remember the order that Marvel has intended. Checklists exist out there but are difficult for me to find (and I’ve had a number of searches come to BorkWeb looking for a reading order).


Febuary 2006
Amazing Spider-Man #529

March 2006
Amazing Spider-Man #530
Fantastic Four #536
New Avengers: Illuminati Special

April 2006
Amazing Spider-Man #531
Civil War Opening Shot Sketchbook
Fantastic Four #537

May 2006
Civil War #1
Marvel Spotlight: Millar/McNiven
Amazing Spider-Man #532
She-Hulk #8
Wolverine #42

June 2006
Civil War #2
Civil War Front Line #1
Civil War Front Line #2
Amazing Spider-Man #533
Fantastic Four #538
New Avengers #21
Thunderbolts #103
Wolverine #43
X-Factor #8

July 2006
Civil War #3
Civil War Front Line #3
Civil War Front Line #4
Civil War: X-Men #1
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#1
Amazing Spider-Man #534
Black Panther #18
Cable & Deadpool #30
Fantastic Four #539
New Avengers #22
Thunderbolts #104
Wolverine #44
X-Factor #9

August 2006
Civil War #4
Civil War Front Line #5
Civil War Front Line #6
Civil War: X-Men #2
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #2
Amazing Spider-Man #535
Cable & Deadpool #31
Fantastic Four #540
Heroes For Hire #1
New Avengers #23
Thunderbolts #105
Wolverine #45

September 2006
Civil War #4
Civil War Files
Civil War Front Line #6
Civil War: X-Men #3
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #3
Amazing Spider-Man #535
Cable & Deadpool #32
Captain America #22
Fantastic Four #540
Heroes For Hire #2
Ms. Marvel #7
New Avengers #24
Wolverine #46

October 2006
Civil War: Choosing Sides (One Shot)
Civil War Front Line #7
Civil War: X-Men #4
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #4
Captain America #23
Heroes For Hire #3
Iron Man #13
Ms. Marvel #8
New Avengers #25
Wolverine #47

November 2006
Civil War #5
Civil War Front Line #8
Amazing Spider-Man #536
Captain America #24
Fantastic Four #541
Iron Man #14
Moon Knight #7 (Casualties of War)
Punisher: War Journal #1
Wolverine #48

December 2006
Civil War #6
Civil War Front Line #9
Black Panther #23
Civil War: WAR CRIMES (One Shot)
Iron Man/Captain America Special(Casualties of War)
Moon Knight #8 (Casualties of War)
Punisher: War Journal #2
Winter Soldier: Winter Kills (Casualties of War)

January 2007
Civil War #7
Amazing Spider-Man #537
Amazing Spider-Man #538
Black Panther #24
BLADE #5 (Casualties of War)
Civil War Front Line #10
Fantastic Four #542
Fantastic Four #543
Moon Knight #10 (Casualties of War)
Punisher: War Journal #3

February 2007
Civil War Front Line #11
Civil War: Battle Damage Report
Black Panther #25

Reading Order

Here’s a reading order that I found from 606Studios…if you follow that link, you’ll get spoilers:

  1. Thor 80-85: Ragnarok
  2. Avengers 500-503: Disassembled, Avengers Finale
  3. Pulse 1-5
  4. Wolverine 20-31: Enemy Of The State
  5. Captain America 1-14: The Winter Soldier
  6. New Avengers 1-3: Breakout
  7. Secret War 1-5/The Pulse 6-9
  8. New Avengers 4-6
  9. Iron Man 1-6: Extremis
  10. Captain America 16
  11. Captain America 17
  12. Amazing Spider-Man 515-518: Skin Deep
  13. Amazing Spider-Man 519-524
  14. New Avengers 7-10: The Sentry
  15. House Of M 1-8
  16. New Avengers 11-13
  17. New Avemgers 14
  18. New Avengers 15
  19. The Pulse 11-14
  20. The Sentry 1-8
  21. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 1-4, Marvel Knights Spider-Man 19-22, Amazing Spider-Man 525: The Other
  22. Amazing Spider-Man 529-531
  23. New Avengers 16-20: The Collective
  24. New Avengers Annual #1
  25. Fantastic Four 533-535
  26. New Avengers: The Illuminati
  27. Fantastic Four 536-537
  28. The Incredible Hulk 88-91
  29. The Incredible Hulk 92-present
  30. Iron Man 7-12: Execute Program
  31. Civil War 1
  32. Civil War Frontline 1
  33. New Avengers 21
  34. Amazing Spider-Man 532
  35. Civil War 2
  36. New Avengers 22
  37. Amazing Spider-Man 533
  38. Civil War Young Avengers/Runaways 1-3
  39. Civil War Frontline 2
  40. Thunderbolts 103
  41. X-Factor 8-9
  42. Civil War Frontline 3
  43. Civil War Frontline 4
  44. Thunderbolts 104
  45. Ms. Marvel 6-7
  46. Civil War Frontline 5
  47. Black Panther 18
  48. Thunderbolts 105
  49. Heroes For Hire 1
  50. New Avengers 23
  51. Fantastic Four 538
  52. Civil War 3
  53. Cable/Deadpool 30
  54. Civil War X-Men 1
  55. Civil War 4
  56. Civil War X-Men 2
  57. Fantastic Four 539
  58. Amazing Spider-Man 534
  59. Cable/Deadpool 31
  60. Eternals 1-3
  61. Wolverine 42-45: Vendetta
  62. Captain America 22
  63. Amazing Spider-Man 535

Oh, an if you’re in the Central New Hampshire area, you should get your comics from: Geeks and Gamers in Meredith, NH. w00t.

Marvel: Civil War

Civil War Zach over at NoSheep! recently brought me into the comic book fold with Marvel’s Civil War. For weeks his posts have been piquing my interest. It wasn’t until his post on Spider-Man’s identity being revealed that I broke down and read something.

I used Wikipedia as my source for the immediate chronological order of the comics leading up to and entering in to the Marvel Universe’s Civil War. If you haven’t been blessed by hearing what Marvel is doing this summer, then I’ll enlighten you with the overall plot (compliments of Wikipedia)

The series centers around a newly enacted Super-human Registration Act, which, when passed into law, would require all persons in the United States with superhuman abilities who wish to use those abilities to fight crime to register with the federal government and receive proper training as law enforcement officials. Such persons would not only be subject to U.S. law (including the prohibition of minors from participating in such activities), but would, according to the law, reap the full benefits of civil servants, including pensions, and so forth. Because the forced registration of persons would spark a civil liberties controversy, the Act splits notable superheroes within the Marvel Universe, resulting in two super-powered factions forming, one advocating registration as the responsible obligation of the super-powered living in society, and the other opposed to the law on the grounds that it violates civil rights. This conflict builds into the titular Civil War, into which themes from current events will be woven. Writer Mark Millar has noted “The political allegory is only for those that are politically aware. Kids are going to read it and just see a big superhero fight.” Some see this as a reflection of real world views on such things as Gun Control or the Patriot Act.

I’m officially hooked. I now have a pull list at a local comic-book shop.

If you are looking for a reading order, I’ve posted one here

Ghost Rider

ghostrider The Ghost Rider teaser trailer is finally out. Even though I’m excited about the idea of a Ghost Rider movie, I’m still a bit iffy on the casting. Nicholas Cage is the Ghost Rider…Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, but he seems odd in that role.

The graphics look decent and its bound to be pretty action packed, lets hope the story holds its own. I’m a huge fan of the superhero genre and the movies that have been coming out recently have been pleasantly good. My fingers are crossed on this one.

Now, its important to note that there are two trailers that were released…the international and the US version. The international one is by far the better of the two as the US version is missing: a run from the cops, a shot of Eva Mendes’ butt, and some extra melted objects. Zach seem to think its based on strict limitations to the trailer to keep it within the appropriate Trailer rating. Ah well…at least US version has text. Whoop-de-doo.

The scheduled release date for the US is February 16th, 2007. A little late to be a Valentine’s Day present for my wife…but I’ll see what I can do.