WoW UI Mod: Cartographer

NagrandBecause I’ve re-introduced myself to World of Warcraft, I’ve also re-introduced myself to modifying (modding) the game interface! As time progresses, I’ll feature mods that I find super useful. First off: Cartographer.

Cartographer is a modular, lightweight, and efficient framework for manipulation of the world map. It is based on Ace2 and other libraries of the Ace community. It features:

  • Battlegrounds : allows viewing of battlegrounds outside of the zone.
  • Coordinates : adds coordinates to the bottom of the world map of the player and the cursor.
  • Foglight : Shows unexplored areas on the map. replacement for MozzFullWorldMap or Unexplorer. Much more efficient, though.
  • Group Colors : turns all your party’s and your raid’s POIs into circles colored based on class, and shows a number on them based on their raid group.
  • Instance Maps : shows maps of instances.
  • Instance Notes : adds boss notes and such to instance maps.
  • Look ‘n’ Feel : allows you to change the transparency, position, and scale of the world map.
  • Notes : lets you put notes on the map.
  • Professions : automatically tracks herbs and minerals.
  • Zone Info : on hovering over a zone, it will show the levels of the zone, the instances in the zone, their levels, and the number of men the instance is made for (e.g. 5-man, 40-man).

The basic map provided with World of Warcraft is severely lacking…heck, there aren’t even coordinates! My previous map solution was Atlas…a great instance map mod, but thats where its usefulness ended…instances. Cartographer is a full blown mod that gives a you all the sweet stuff (see the list).

What’s more? Cartographer is on the WoWAce Wiki with resources for using Cartographer functions for other mods. w00t.