If you have ever made an Amazon wish list (or any wish list feature from any store), then you know how handy it is…how easy it can be to add items. But, despite the wish lists’ ease of use, you typically end up with managing more than one list…which is an irritating task. Enter: MasterWish, a new kind of wish-list. For the better part of this year Jon Emmons, Zach Tirrell and I have been working hard on this site and we are happy to announce that it is now ready for prime-time.

Ok, so whats the deal with MasterWish? Why did we make it? What is its purpose? Well, our goal was to create a centralized wish list site to house your needs and desires (as most wishlists do)…but we wanted the wish lists to be store independant. With MasterWish, you are able to create lists of items from any site you want (heck, your items don’t even have to be from a website…you can add items that you want to pick up at the grocery store). My friend Jon said it best when he wrote:

MasterWish is a wish list site with a whole lot more. Items on MasterWish can be from anywhere. Make up your birthday list with items from your favorite online vendors, but don’t stop there… You want things that may not come from online vendors. How about that nice lilac you saw at the garden center? Or that circular saw from the hardware store? Add those too! You can list items from anywhere and enter a web URL, a description of where to find it, or both!

Once you have a bunch of items you can organize them into lists. I have lists for music, videos, kitchen toys, and more, but the great thing is items can belong to more than one list. My birthday is coming up so I created a birthday list and added items from all my categories to it. It’s that easy.

The other big difference with MasterWish is you can control who sees your wish lists. You can create a wish list of what you want from friends and one for family and control who can see them.

MasterWish is still in beta, so we’re still working on improving and streamlining the site. If you have any suggestions please leave them at the Bugs & Suggestions link. We’ll do our best to implement everyone’s suggestions.

I hope you enjoy the site, make lots of suggestions, and get everything you wish for.