Code Monkey: Software Developer Theme Song a-la World of Warcraft

I just found this video over at the Geekend blog at Tech Republic.

The song is by Jonathan Coulton, a rocker that seems to understand the life of a love-struck code monkey. I headed over to his site and found that I like a lot of his stuff. He’s got a great sound and his songs appeal to my taste :) To top it off, he quit his life of being a programmer in 2005 to pursue music and has done a bang-up job in my opinion. A lot of funny and geeky tunes. Of note are:

  • Code Monkey
  • Re: Your Brains
  • Skullcrusher Mountain
  • Baby Got Back (His own twist on the song…awesome)
  • Mandelbrot Set
  • A Laptop Like You

Etc, etc, etc. I like a lot more of his stuff (which he calls ‘well crafted geeky folk-pop). The best thing of all, he offers the songs for purchase from his store DRM-free! I will definitely be buying a number of them to add to my collection. Definitely worth a listen.

Ok. So I like this dude’s stuff. I’ve forked over the cash and bought all his songs. w00t. Geekly songs abound (and some non-geeky ones). I have also found another very well done video rendition of “Code Monkey” done anime style with footage from “Black Heaven“. I figured I’d share it here too. Here it is: