New Version Of Bsuite…w00t!

I was thrilled when Casey over at MaisonBisson posted about the release of Bsuite b2v6. After much prodding by me, Casey has separated tags from posts into their own tables. He and I sat down one evening and fleshed out the overall goal for the tagging structure…we butted heads on a few things but the end result is pretty snazzy. I’ve beta tested the tagging features and I’m fond of them…w00t! Because of all the optimizations, I quickly installed the update on the blogs I host:

Zach writes (and I agree with him hands down):

This is a fantastic plugin for WordPress which does a lot of heavy lifting and can help to better leverage the long tail of your content. Frankly I wouldn’t run WordPress without it. This bug fix release clears up a lot of little nagging problems […]